This is the Feast

This is the Feast

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When the Pilgrims embarked on their legendary Mayflower voyage in 1620, they couldnt predict what lay ahead of them. In search of religious freedom and a new life, the settlers faced hardships including harsh storms, illness, and unfamiliar terrain. Thanks to their natural perseverance and the help of their neighbor Indians, the Pilgrims survived their first year. And when the harvest the next fall was plentiful, the Pilgrims and the Indians joined together in a three-day celebration, the first Thanksgiving.

Diane Shores lyrical, rhythmic verse and Megan Lloyds lively, joyful illustrations bring the Pilgrims harrowing experience to life, and demonstrate the strong bonds for which we give thanks every year.



From BOOKLIST 9/15/2008

This simple, upbeat celebration of the first Thanksgiving begins with the Pilgrims seeking freedom of worship and fighting stormy seas on the Mayflower, sturdy and strong. Then they arrive in America, a place to call home. Death and disease take a terrible toll, but still there are unclaimed fields yielding a treasure of maize and other crops. The Indians are fearful but welcoming, including Squanto, who shares his knowledge of hunting and fishing. Then, after the harvest of plenty, the Pilgrims celebrate their new home and welcome their Indian neighbors to the feast. With the bouncy rhyme and sun-filled illustrations, this offers an idyllic view of the happy holiday, fun for sharing with preschoolers before the holiday. For older readers, pair it with Catherine O'Neill Grace's 1621:A New Look at Thanksgiving (2001) and other books that include the Indians viewpoint and more of the history.


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